Chemrite, Inc. was incorporated in 1988 with emphasis to provide specialty water treatment chemicals to the Industrial Market. Products, provided in the early years, were directed to boiler water and cooling water treatments. In the early 1990's, products were developed for industrial wastewater treatment. Coagulants, coagulant blends, pH adjust treatments, and polyelectrolytes for aiding flocculation and dewatering. The mid-1990's brought development of treatment products for process (i.e.. detackifiers, defoamers, etc.)

Recently, a complete line of chemicals is being offered for the Municipal Market. In conjunction to chemical treatments offered, Chemrite, Inc. represents complete lines of equipment for chemical feed, ozone and chlorine dioxide generation, pH control, dissolved oxygen measurement, demineralization, residual testing, and hyper/microfiltration.

Chemrite, Inc. provides chemical services primarily in the states of Alabama, Florida (panhandle), Georgia, and Tennessee for the Industrial and Municipal Markets. The services also include engineering for small projects.

Chemrite, Inc. belongs to the Association of Water Technologies, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation, and American Chemical Society.

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